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Born in New Delhi India: Vikram grew up in a musical family, and started taking guitar and music theory lessons as a teenager. In the 90s his family moved to the United States (Seattle, WA), where he discovered the Rave scene; he then bought a Yamaha CS1X synthesizer and started composing Drum n Bass tracks on a cheap Texas Instruments laptop running Cakewalk. In the 2000s: Vikram developed an interest in the minimal yet emotional compositions of classical artists such as Arvo Part; and also fell in love with the dulcimer like prepared piano sound on Aphex Twin’s album Drukqs. From there on it was a steady progression to artists like Hammock and Stars of The Lid. And his musical style was born: organic reverb soaked pads playing open voiced chords with minimal unsyncopated guitar and piano melodies composed using Logic Studio.

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