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2 new releases today

We have 2 new releases today, our first releases of 2010!

Zirio des Ziris – Jeune Fille de Lune EP

Click the pic to listen:

Jeune Fille de Lune EP combines Zirio’s french electronica expressions with musical interpretations of his work from other electronic artist in the form of remixes from The Blonde Ninja, and Gery Montet. The EP also contains an additional track, Seule dans ses étoiles, which gives us a brief insight into the versatility and variation of his work.

Lorga – Machinery’s Handbook EP

Click the pic to listen:

Machinery’s Handbook melds intricate melody and sharp percussion that entwine and culminate to produce intriguing landscapes and auditory imagery that captivates and inspires. A powerful introduction to Lorga’s musical imagination.

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